Our logos are our senders and guarantee for everything we communicate visually.

The basic logos are always used in positive versions against light backgrounds to ensure contrast in the logos.

In exceptional cases, where there are technical printing difficulties in using positive versions, monochrome versions may be used. Note that the use of monochrome versions must always be checked with the Corporate Brand Manager before use.

Note: Always use up-to-date files for the logos that you receive from Q8/OKQ8. No one is permitted to create their own versions.

Logo Versions

Background Area for Logos

In some situations, a white background area is required for the logo to stand out. An example would be positioning directly on an image or photograph.

When positioning a logo in a corner, the background area for corners is used, and when positioning a freestanding logo, the background area for freestanding positioning is used. The background area for corners can be expanded and scaled to create space for the logo.

The rules governing free space see next part "Free Space" do not apply to logos on background areas or to the positioning of background areas. 

Free Space

The logo needs space if it is to be seen, and it must not be positioned up against other objects.

Free areas against the edges of the format or other objects such as graphics elements, typography or photographs start from the Q in the logo.

The free area is a recommendation. On smaller objects, such as pens or lanyards, the logo is to be positioned as large as possible on the area so that it can be seen, but with an acceptable free area around it.

The rules governing free spaces do not apply to logos on background areas or to the positioning of background areas.



As a guideline, logos are to be positioned primarily in one of the right-side corners, depending whether the intention is to “lead” or “endorse” with the brand.

To ensure consistent positioning of the logos, two principles have been adopted. Positioning in the upper right corner is used when we are “leading” with the brand, for example in presentations or at trade fairs where we aim to ensure the visibility of the logo.

Positioning in the lower right corner is used when we are “endorsing” with the brand, for example in advertising material where we first wish to communicate a message and then endorse the message with the brand appropriate to the message.

Note: There are exceptions to these rules when the format does not allow them to be followed, such as on webpages where positioning is in the left upper corner or a concluding box in a TV advert where the logo is centred.

Multiple Senders

In situations where we are sending communications jointly with another sender, we ensure visibility by positioning the logos apart from each other.

As a basic principle, we position the senders’ logos as far apart as possible, but on the same horizontal line.

The guidelines on this page refer to a situation where Q8/OKQ8 is the dominant brand, and the graphics identity complies with Q8/OKQ8’s graphics principles.

Contact info

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