B2B Brand Guidlines

B2B Advertising Guidelines

The products and services that we at OKQ8 Scandinavia offer on the B2B Sales market come under a range of brands. To realise the full potential of these brands and handle the various bases of these in an optimal manner, there must be clarity and consistency in how they are seen and marketed jointly with our master brands Q8 and OKQ8. This enables us to communicate our products and services more effectively to our customers, increase brand recognition and clarify our business.

This manual acts as a guide to how we are to use the brands in B2B Sales in relation to our master brands OKQ8 and Q8, and also provides guidelines to start from in all our communications and marketing.

The manual covers the following brands, designating them as sub-brands.

• Q8Oils

Any deviations from the guidelines and the manual must be approved by the Corporate Brand Manager.

The manual is a live document which will be updated as required in consultation with and by the Corporate Brand Manager.

4.1 Master Brands

4.2 Q8Oils

4.3 IDS

4.4 Special Units

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Any questions regarding the brand book content, please contact Corporate Brand Manager.