IDS - International Diesel Service

IDS - International Diesel Service

To increase brand awareness and strengthen the brand in Sweden and Denmark, we will, as far as possible, communicate IDS together with the respective market’s master brand. This will make the breadth of our network very clear, with IDS customers being able to fill up at Q8 and OKQ8 stations.

In some situations, we still find it necessary to communicate IDS as sole sender, when we are talking with international players or shippers. This part of the manual sets out guidelines for when IDS is the Sender in its own right, and so it follows IDS’ graphics style.




Standard logo

The standard logo is to be used on e.g. pumps, stationery, and give-aways. The standard logo should not be used on canopies, cabins, pylons, flags, or litter bins. 

Vertical logo

The vertical logo is specifically designed for use on the pylon and the flag.

Horizontal logo

The horizontal logo must only be used on canopies.

Background colours and placement 

The background of the IDS-logo should always be white. In printed or digital communication, where IDS is the co-sender, the IDS-logo can be used on a light coloured background. See examples in 4.1 Master Brands. 



FS Albert

Used when IDS is communicated through any of the master brands. 


IDS own font which is used at an IDS-site and in communication where IDS is the principal sender. 



The IDS colour pallette is primarily red, blue and white. 


Colour codes


Graphic elements 


Characteristic for IDS is the s-shared divider. The shape is used on pumps and canopies, as well as in all communication where IDS is the principal sender.


To emphasise particular offers or call to action, a red circular splash can be used. Colour code: CMYK 0/100/91/0.


Guidelines for IDS-operated sites 

The branding at IDS-sites follow the graphic examples below. Any exceptions must be discussed with the Corporate Brand Manager.



IDS and Q8

Site units that communicate IDS and Q8 together is co-branded as follows. The logos are seperated through an IDS-blue line following the s-shape. 

The placement of the Q8-logo is regulated by the necessary free space of the logotype.

Accordingly, the thickness of the s-shaped line follows the size of the tail of the Q in the logotype. 


Guidelines at co-operated site with card acceptance

At OKQ8, Q8 or F24 stations where IDS-cards are accepted, the following units are used to communicate the cooperation:

  • Totem
  • Flag
  • Eurosize along entrance to the size 
  • Shield or wall by pumps
  • Signboard
  • Card terminal

At external operated sites, where IDS-cards are accepted but OKQ8 Scandinavia is not the site owner, the possibility to communicate the cooperation may vary between sites. However, as many units as possible should be used and the graphics of the branding must follow the IDS guidelines.

Proritised units (of not all preferred are possible):

  • Card terminal
  • Flag
  • Eurosize or poster 

In case none of our preferred units are possible, consult with Corporate Brand Manager. 



Main principle of layout

Adverts in which IDS is the Principal Sender may have a photographic or white background.

The text is written directly on the image, but ensure that the text can be read against the background.

Splash can be used to emphasise the particular offers or Call to Action. For IDS, the splash is circular and is red (RGB 227/5/32 CMYK 0/100/91/0).


Logo versions and positioning

As far as possible, the positive version of IDS logo will be used, but the negative version can also be used on a coloured background or image. The negative logo should be used on Q8 Blue or other dark colours or images.

The logo is positioned either in the lower right corner or the upper right corner.


Main principle of layout

Banners in which IDS is the Principal Sender are laid out in the same way as adverts with a white background or an image.

The text is written directly on the image, but ensure that the text can be read against the background.

Splash can be used to emphasise the particular offers or Call to Action. For IDS, the splash is circular and is red (RGB 227/5/32 CMYK 0/100/91/0).

The message must be kept brief:

  • Main heading
  • Lead and/or CTA button. If the format is very small, consider using the CTA button only.


Logo versions and positioning

The IDS logo must be used in a positive version and is positioned in the lower right corner.

Social Media

The master brand is the Principal Sender on social media, since it is the owner of the channel. However, the adverts can be designed in accordance with IDS’ graphics style and can be marked with IDS’ logo.


In digital newsletters, the master brand will be the Principal Sender, since it is the owner of the channel, and the newsletters will comply with the master brand’s graphics identity. IDS will be included as Co-Sender in the upper left corner.

In Sweden, IDS can have a newsletter of its own, which, in that case, will be laid out in accordance with IDS’ graphics style.

Contact info

Any questions regarding the brand book content, please contact Corporate Brand Manager.