Special Units

Special Units


Publications are issued primarily by one of our master brands, and, therefore, comply with the master brand’s graphics guidelines.

Q8Oils’product catalogue
For Q8Oils’ product catalogue, Q8Oils will be the Principal Sender and so the graphics style will comply with Q8Oils’ identity. On the back page of the catalogue, however, OKQ8 will be clearly identified as the master brand through contact information and possibly logo.

Profile Products

In marking profile products for trade fairs and other purposes, the master brand will always be the Principal Sender.

Main principle of layout

The master brand will be positioned on the right from the viewer’s perspective, and the appropriate sub-brand will be positioned on the left.

On smaller surfaces, logos will be positioned to provide the best possible visibility in the circumstances, and will comply with the main principle as far as possible. Contact the Brand Identity Manager whenever it is difficult to comply with the principle.

In some cases, the sub-brand can be used as sole Sender on profile products such as sweets. Contact the Corporate Brand Manager in these cases.

Contact info

Any questions regarding the brand book content, please contact Corporate Brand Manager.