About OKQ8

OKQ8 is one of Sweden’s largest fuel companies. Our vision is to be the natural choice for drivers and energy customers. Our business idea is to be close to the consumer, give our members good benefits and make life easy for all of our customers.

What we do

OKQ8 is one of Sweden's largest fuel companies and we are driven by engaging with our customers and employees. In 2012, OK-Q8 AB in Sweden and Q8 Denmark A/S merged to form OKQ8 Scandinavia. We work actively to drive the development of more climate- and environmentally friendly fuels and products, to reduce inequality and to contribute to sustainable cities and communities.

At OKQ8, everyone can refuel renewable fuels. In addition to having the market's largest network of renewable alternatives such as Diesel Bio, HVO100, Ethanol E85 and Biogas, our own GoEasy fuels contain a high proportion of renewable admixture together with cleaning agents which is better for both environment and engine. And for all costumers with electric driven cars, we offer fast charging at 40 stations. 

In our shops you will find groceries, fast foods, kiosk products, auto accessories, spare parts and goods for home and leisure. We are one of Sweden’s largest tire retailers and many of our stations also have do-it-yourself facilities, car washes, car rental and car repair shops.

Members and bonuses

Fuel and other products and services that OKQ8 sell at our stations are cheaper if you are a member of the consumer association OK. To become a member of OK please fill in the application form here (in Swedish). The biggest benefit of being a member isn’t found in our fuel prices or on the price tags. The biggest benefit is our bonus system.

With our bonus system, members collect a bonus from the first litre of fuel that they pump. The same applies to almost everything else that they buy at our stations. The final bonus and subsequent refund is determined retrospectively at the general meeting in May/June each year.


OK-Q8 AB was established on January 1, 1999 and is one of Sweden’s largest fuel companies. OK-Q8 AB is a Swedish limited company with two shareholders who each own half of the shares.

OK ekonomisk förening (OK Economic Association) is one of the two shareholders of OKQ8. It is owned jointly by approx 750 000 members and is the largest of Sweden’s OK-associations. The other shareholder is Kuwait Petroleum International, a Kuwaiti state-owned oil company.

OK Ekonomisk Förening (In Swedish)
Kuwait Petroleum International

Quick facts about OKQ8

Appr. 1 600 000 members
2 200 employees
26,6 % market share, fuel
Appr. 740 stations in Sweden
23,1 billion SEK turnover

Sveavägen 155
Box 23 900
104 35 Stockholm, Sweden

Customer Service:   Tel. 020-65 65 65
Press Phone:           Tel. 073-068 40 04